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                   Valentine's Day

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Make Your Own
Valentine's Day ScreenSaver

An E-Book

Use Photos of You and Your Sweetheart

Save the Cost of an Expensive Gift

Give a Gift of Your Time  and Creativity  !

Great for Couples Sharing a Home PC
No Screensaver Software is installed
100% Virus & Spyware Free

My New E-Book Shows You
Step by Step
How to Setup a Personalized
Valentine's Day Screensaver
for ONLY $2.95
Deliver your Message of Love
Every Day, All Year Long!
Below is an example of what you can make

2010-11-12 0829 CST


  • A Windows (TM) XP Personal Computer 
  • Basic Windows Knowledge 
  • The ability to follow detailed instructions. 


  • Step by Step Illustrated Instructions for Creating and Setting up a Valentine's Day Screensaver for your Sweetheart 


Make Your Own
Valentine's Day ScreenSaver
An E-Book

   only $2.95

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This book is for those willing to spend mostly time instead of money to make a thoughtful & impressive gift for Valentine's Day.
It will help you create a great result and so it's a huge value at very little risk to your wallet!
At this price, I am practically giving this away!
Using this e-book, you can setup a fantastic Valentine's Day Screensaver for your sweetheart.

Make Your Own
Valentine's Day ScreenSaver
An E-Book

   only $2.95

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The Fine Print

This offer is for a single user license for the above described e-book which will be readable on the computer on which it is purchased. This e-book is electronically protected against theft. However, if you have trouble during the purchasing process and don't actually receive your e-book, or, if you realize later that you should have purchased it using a different computer, you may request a purchase cancellation (a refund) at the following email address and repurchase on the correct computer. If you request a purchase cancellation, your permission to read the e-book will be revoked on the original purchase computer. Please be sure to use the new license code which you receive from the second purchase.

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